Create a content calendar for your Instagram stories

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Planning your Instagram stories in advance can save you a lot of trouble in the last minute as you don’t have to think how and what should you post and you will be able to keep a track of how every story performed.

Make your stories engaging i.e. according to your story should have a beginning middle and an end which keeps your viewers engaged on your stories and doesn’t let them bounce.

A great example would be behind the scenes and for doctors, it could be a quick patient testimonial followed by your video explaining that testimonial, etc.

Pick a format

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If you use Instagram then you must be aware of what is a format and how it helps brands.

There are a number of brands that only use specific color and font whenever they make their story and that is what builds their brand recognition over te as when people see it elsewhere they immediately recognize that brand.

Use the color palette given by Instagram for choosing a brand color for your brand.

Do what works

If you are promoting your brand on Instagram then you must be having a business account and you might have analytics of stories and your post as well.

Use that Analytics for figuring out what works and what doesn’t as every person is the same and that’s why your audience can be different as well from someone so tries experimenting with different content types ex behind the scenes, tips, giveaways, etc.

Mention examples of Instagram stories doing well

Collaborate to celebrate

Do you think you are the only one who is doing whatever you are doing 

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Well maybe yes if you are trying to land on Mars but it is not true as there are people doing the same thing as you or we can say people might be having your audience.

Like for doctors other doctors and hospitals Instagram can be very beneficial for you if you collaborate with them for creating content and eventually use their following to build your brand.

Pro tip: Use hashtags in Instagram stories so that you can increase your reach and hence engagement etc. You can blend the hashtags with the background only so that it is not visible like in this post.

Schedule your Instagram stories

Instagram stories can be a burden when not done properly because posting at least three storied a day about your business which resonates with your audience and your brand is recalled by it can be a bit challenging.

Hence you should schedule your Instagram stories in advance so that you have them in buffer and you can have te think something good rather than fulfilling your daily quota.

Repost your UGC

You are not a business if you don’t have customers and if your product or service is good enough you will receive a ton of testimonials and review.

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You should share those on your stories as a way to build up the engagement.

Get creative

Use tools like over and mojo for creating beautiful animations for yourselves.

Use Polls

Want to know more about your audience’s likes and dislikes. Well, You can do that easily by using Instagram polls. You can ask random questions like at what time do they eat or very specific question like what medication do they currently take and give them options to choose between two medications

Host Quizzes

People love quizzes and as a matter of fact, they love answering questions and knowing that they were right. So you should have quizzes for your followers like what food is good on dialysis and what not to eat and simply the correct answer will win.


Instagram stories are not only about making creative and publishing them it is also about taking actions such as redirecting the user to your website via YouTube channel or any other place where you want a user to go.

fortunately there GIF which you can use to redirect the user or tell the user what to do next that is swipe up click our forward the story.

Ask questions

asking your followers questions about what they do or what they like the most in a dialysis Centre or how do they feel about the dialysis extract 17 can help you more learning about the user and they also filled interactive with the brand and you can also ask them certain questions they always wanted to ask for specialist and you can answer them through a brand and that way you can publish them the published answers for the users.

Run countdowns

if you have an online if you have an offline Store an online store and you are running an offer for Christmas and New year or any other occasion then you can run the countdown timers keep reminding the uses of the offer and tell them to take the action quickly as it may expire

Reply to your Instagram stories Dm

all this great but it would be no use if you don’t reply to users queries for Instagram DM and help them out and we would say don’t only reply to the dams also reply to the comments so that they feel engaged with their brand and have a clear perception that you are the one who helps them

Use captions in Video

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When you are uploading videos on Instagram it is very important that you use captions in that video because maturity of users don’t keep their volume turned on when using the Instagram as they are in office or somewhere else and they wanted quick reset button and that’s why the use Instagram so it’s very important that use captions in your video so that people can watch it silently as well

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