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Foodbit is a E-commerce for Food Brands and help big Food Chains get Online with simplicity. They were developing a lot of new features rapidly, catering to the market demand and hence needed a reliable and experience QA tester who can find potential Bugs and report them with clear steps to reproduce.

I helped them with the task and found 100’s of Bugs and suggestions to improve the UI and UX for the Customer


Manually tested the different functionalities of the application on a daily basis and reported the bugs using the loom video recording software. Approach was to test the functionality and responsiveness of the the application across different devices and browser types.


Intelimd is a Telehealth Platform, They were issuing a lot of new features catering to the market demands but reliability of those features was in questions and users were reporting crash reports and since it was an appointment based software, a single glitch could hamper the Client and Provider’s experience.

I was responsible for identifying the critical bugs before clients and also providing suggestions to improve overall customer experience of the platform and reporting them using Jira.


I helped them in testing their Print on Demand system for small merchants they integrated with shopify store as a plugin.

Created test cases and plan for them and find a lot of bugs in their Admin portal and merchant portal.


“Seller was patient and accommodating. The website was not accessible without using a VPN and the seller was able to make that happen and delivered the QA doc and videos quickly”


“Excellent QA tester. Provides videos so you can see how they interact with the website. Checks various aspects of functionality, responsiveness, UI/UX, and other categories. Provides results within 1 day. I recommend”

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