So Finally you have decided to promote your business online maybe because you have heard about the amazing amount of traffic and sales you can get with Google.

But there’s a problem that your business is a local shop or something situated locally and you are not sure whether Google will be able to help you get that amazing sales and traffic to your website or your business.

But don’t worry even if you have a local shop you can still get an insane amount of traffic from google and the trick is using maps and in a few minutes, I am gonna show you exactly how?

List your Business on Google

I know this may sound like the most obvious thing to you but trust it’s not, more than 70% of local businesses in India especially in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Etc. are not listed on basic platforms like google my business.

Now I am not talking about a bad listing which you made in a minute or two, you have to spend time on it so that people can relate and see your business from sitting at their home.

and most importantly you have to give them a reason to choose you over the others or most importantly your competitors.

Note: It is beneficial to have a service-based business like that of a doctor , carpenter etc. because if you want to have traffic online it will make no sense if someone is searching for a general store near him and you come up on top even if you are not near him.

Now, Your Google listing should have the following elements :

  • Your Business name
  • Your Awesome Website
  • Your logo
  • Your practice ex. Dentist Clinic, Carpenter, Restaurant, etc.
  • Your complete address (pin drop location)
  • Your phone number
  • Your working hours
  • Your Services
  • Your Menu
  • Reviews from other Customers
  • If you are in a business where your interior and exterior matters like a Clinic or Restaurant you should post photos of the interior and exterior environment.
    • Don’t try to post photos from a low-resolution device like a cellphone if possible get a professional photoshoot or use any high-end camera.

Now look at good and bad examples of Google business listings

Listing Example

List your Business on other places as well

A user not only searches on one google maps listing and makes his decision he searches on other platforms as well.

Some of the local listing we have included here.

Local Listing Include




Make your profiles on these websites with high-Quality images and very detailed specifications of your business like your time etc.

Fill in complete and accurate information of your business and mention your website link.

Note: Your information must be uniform across the web.

A Good listing Includes

  • HD Images
  • Clear information
  • Lots of photos for customers to have a feel of business place, staff photos or past customer photos
  • Reviews from Patients

Set Up Google Alert

Have you ever wondered What if you could know somehow if someone is talking about your practice or business online and needs some help for it?

Well, God listened to you 😂😂 or we should say Google

Sign up for Google alerts by clicking this link and see below on how to use it

Steps On How you can do it for Your Business

  • Go into google alerts and enter a term e.g. Your restaurant name, Your business name, etc.
  • and Set the timer for daily in the “more options”
  • Now you will receive an mail from google daily in which they will tell you if someone is talking about your business on the complete web.
  • Now I want you to check the mentions and answer people if there are any questions of people related to your business and let them know about you and your business.

Set up Customer Referral Program

Use a customer Referral program in your Business for regular Customers like the health checkup or something of that sort.

Steps on How you can do it for your Business

  1. Go into google my business listing and post an offer for your patients.

Create offer like this

Offer example: Bring your friend for a Regular checkup and get ₹1000 off on your next checkup or purchase.

Pro Tip: Sign up for a virtual tour of your business in Google my business listing. It helps in giving your patients a virtual tour for your clinic

Use Quora

The one-liner answer is to answer people’s questions on Quora about your business or practice.

Simply do a simple search on Quora about your practice.

For example, Dialysis then switch to questions as shown below and simply answers every question in the utmost detail without expecting anything in return.

Most people do the mistake of just answering a small bit and mention a link that says for complete answer read this blog post.

Let me tell you a secret it just is simply annoying for most of the people. Simply answer the question in as much brief way as possible and don’t try to bring them to your blog post.


Unless your business is trying to build rockets to land on Mars, you will be having your competitors and they have a customer base as well.

So to leverage their customer base you should simply go to their GMB listing and answer the questions of their customers or patients in a non-promotion way.

For example, if you look at this business they have an online listing but no one manages their online listing effectively and hence no one answers the customer question .

Create Social Media

Social media channels are free to create and almost anyone can create them nowadays and simply make them and put a good logo using online free logo makers such as Canva etc.

Now you have to start posting content on it and you can use Canva for this. The strategy is based on trial and error for your audience a but for trial, purposes let’s take ourselves as an IVF clinic and we have created our IVF center pages with logo and everything.

Now the strategy which we will follow here is different for every platform forex let’s take Facebook and Instagram for this now in one week there should be at least 5 motivational graphics on Instagram and 5 tactical graphics in form of carousel or simple media and 2 videoes of yourself giving tips to your customer base.

And for Facebook, we will share our blog articles, videoes of us, tactical graphics and motivational as well.

To share this content in both English and your regional language and test which performs best for your audience.

Let’s take a look on how you will create videoes for your user suppose if your user is a patient then the content is pretty simple i.e. Create content which us helpful for them and which they get only by paying someone .like the diets, recipes, tips on how to take care of your kids, etc, etc.

If you are a b2b business create content which other business es ime.your consumers will love and they get it only by paying other people.

Write Blogs on your Website

You have to understand one thing that your patients and customers are confused as to what are the best practices for them to follow after their treatment or if you are in the restaurant business they want to know more about your business and new dishes.

and not only your customers but also other doctor’s patients and people visiting other restaurants as well.

If you provide them that information they will invariably become your patients and customers.

Steps on How you can do it for Your Business

  • Go into google my business listing and Write a blog post

Blog posts examples

  • What to Eat for the next 24 hours after treatment
  • Best Diet for Dialysis Patients
  • How to take care of teeth after a treatment



Local businesses need to remain active in their communities. Joining a local group is a great way to stay connected with residents and other business owners.


You cannot just sit in your clinic or restaurant and wait for patients or customers to shower on you. You have to put in the extra work.

If you help people i.e. patients not only of your clinic but of other clinics as well. You will definitely get more patients and customers than you can handle.

These are some of the free ways which you can use to promote your business locally in India and remember the free process takes time but is effective in the long run and stays for a long time.