First of all, if you are a doctor and reading this post then hats Off to the effort you are putting in because being a doctor itself is a tough thing and you are taking out time for reading content on how to market yourself as a doctor.

This might be tough for you but we have tried to keep the language as much possible nonmarketer friendly and hence if you don’t understand anything you can contact us on any of the social media channels.

Now before I say anything these are just marketing strategies that you can implement by yourself with minimal to no budget.

Register Yourself as a Doctor Online

The first tactic I have for you is you should list your business on Google my Business

It is an amazing platform and in order to learn how to use it you should read this post in which we have explained how to grow your clinic especially using Google my business listing.

If you don’t want to spend on the website its fine because Google my business allows your patients to book an appointment through call and also it gives you a free basic website which you can use to show images or addresses etc.

Google My business Website
Source: Search engine land

Now It is a big world and listing of the business on Google my business is just not enough in today’s age so what we want you to do is list your business on other sites as well as Justdial, Sulekha, Yahoo listings and also Practo.

Note: List Your business with the best possible images, graphics, and testimonials.

Refer this article by Dr. Alka Gupta for more info

Create Content

Now we want you to create content. Now don’t worry we won’t tell you to create five pieces of content like a blog post, a social media post and Instagram post or something like that.

All we want you to do is Create informational videoes for your patients and educate them.

Now a really cool hack for that is you should just hold up your phone for five minutes and create a video for patients or for your potential patients and give them health advice, medical advice and or just give them quality and help them in any ways you can .

Pro-tip:  The quality of a video doesn’t matter here because it’s not a movie it’s free valuable information which your users get when they pay for services of doctor and when you give them this advice for free they consider you as an authority in your niche and already trust is build.

Distribute Content

Now What We want you to do is create your Facebook page, Twitter page, YouTube page, and the LinkedIn page as well and post these videos there.

If you want to fast forward the results you have to use paid marketing but if you don’t want to spend money and are not yet confident in your abilities you can just see it grow organically over time.

These are some of the basic ways which you can use to grow your clinic and establish yourself as an authority in your practice.