Now you have landed on this blog post because of the two reasons mainly i.e. either you want to grow your Instagram following or you are wondering should I get on Instagram and are finding the solution in this blog post.

Let me solves your problem and the answer is YES 

You may have heard a thousand different reasons for not starting out on Instagram or maybe starting out on Instagram.

Let’s make it clear if you are a brand then you should get on Instagram and if you are a food, cosmetics, visually appealing products brand then please make an Instagram business account right now.

Now most of you being a business owner are aware of Instagram as a platform where models share their photos to common people and you have heard myths and facts about it and even though you decide to get on Instagram,

after posting for 7 long days you finally come to the conclusion that Instagram doesn’t work and you or your brand don’t belong here and you jump onto the next ship maybe twitter,tiktok or LinkedIn and the same pattern follows.

Let me tell you one secret to success in any platform is consistency.

A short summary for the platform: Instagram is basically a visual platform that is ruled by images and your success in terms of followers, likes, shares, etc depends on it.

Forex If your image looks like this then you definitely won’t be getting any traction even if you post 5 times a day for 365 days.

So you need to have a proper system in place for your Instagram strategy to work and we will tell you exactly that.

Now in this blog post, we will be discussing the basic steps (don’t worry I won’t tell you how to open an account).

If you follow these steps you will definitely see results and that’s not me saying to promote my content and prove it’s worth but instead we are confident about our process .

Follow the process and you will reach your goal 

Now, let’s go step by step after opening an Instagram Business account:

Find your Audience

If you already have a business up and running (online or offline) then you already know who your audience is but if you are new to the business and don’t know who will be your audience then refer to this article in which we have explained how to find your ideal audience using different techniques.

Refine your Audience

For the sake of simplicity let’s pick up a example audience i.e. Suppose You are a Medical Clinic Owner which specializes in dialysis and kidney-related problems so obviously their audience is patients who are suffering from kidney-related problems or want to go through dialysis.

Find your audience pain points i.e. what your audience craves for the most which you can provide them to get their attention

In this case, the patients want information for them diets, tips, exercises, etc. and if you give it to them then who do you think they will consider authority in the niche and will be drawn to whenever they or their close suffers through the problem you are solving.

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Create Content for them

Now the big confusion arises what kind of content should I be creating for them in order to get their attention and the simple answer is whatever that they want.

How to Create Content

  • Make videoes – Simply make 2-3 minute videoes for your patients describing their diseases, diets, precautions, preventable measures, etc.
  • Record testimonials Record the testimonials of clients or patients and keep it real.
  • Make blog posts – write content on your website in English and also add preferable languages like Hindi,Punjabi according to your region.
  • Share Patients stories – Everyone wants to tell their story and everyone wants to listen to a story and if you record videoes of people who have successfully treated themselves and are living healthy life now you will become the authority and people will remember you.
  • Make graphics – On Instagram you should share small tips for doing something or perfect exercise for patients with dialysis 
  • Make carousals – Teach them to do a specific exercise using carousal posts or give them a recipe using it (mention example)

Now as you are done with content Creation let’s focus on your Instagram marketing part :

How to Market

Use Hashtags

You should be using hashtags religiously in your posts and there are many guides available on the internet which teaches you how to do hashtag research.

Use tools like for find hashtags and use hashtags with different range of posts in them.

Follow other people in the industry

Following people in the industry lets you build a community around the like-minded people and there are other advantages as well such as tracking your competition, increase your status as the authority in the industry.

Share other People’s Content

The thing is to help the user and if it takes to share your competitor’s posts then it should be so, You should look at the big game and not be meddling about the 2 extra followers your competitor got or 10 extra likes they got on their posts. Learn from them and share their content with your audience as well and try to bring the most value to your audience.

Use Paid Media to get you content consumed fast

If you are sitting on Organic reach seat of Instagram and waiting for it to give you boost

then you can not expect it to work till your last day in business instead you should use paid marketing to boost your content and get it consumed faster by your audience and eventually reach new audience and get more followers.

Use Instagram story Ads

As said by top people in the industry Instagram story ads are underpriced right now and one should leverage them to get their content consumed at a faster pace by people and many other things can also be done by this like getting people to your website or your Instagram profile.

Be consistent with your content

If you are not consistent with your content then you are not gonna make it to even a 10k mark. You should be consistent with your content.

Now, this is the basic process for you to kickstart your Instagram profile and make it to the 10 k mark within few months.

Remember that as long as you are thinking about the end-user you will win.