Dear Humanity Saver or our Superheroes (Doctor), we salute to the efforts you are putting towards saving humanity. We usually stay out of our houses for almost half of our day. So, we are feeling quarantine as a punishment to us but we are really not leveraging the opportunity behind this pandemic. Being a doctor, you want to see more patients, you want to cure more patients, you want to grow your practices for sure. You can easily make this happen during this day or in a harsh time.

We have mentioned here some best ways that will help you to come up with this quarantine with better results-

Planning & Content Creation for Audience

Our Government is giving the best from their side, we know things will get better soon if the normal public will take measures politely. So the first step here you should start with is your Planning – where you must write about what you want to achieve in the upcoming time. Like- In Feb, you cured 50 pateints and now you want to increase it by 30% in next month. For that start with a plan describing your goal for the next mile stone.

We find quarantine as a blessing because this time we get time to work more on ourselves while being safe from the virus. Being a doctor, you can start creating content for your targeted audience. For example- If you are a Nephrologist then you can start creating content like- “How to Save yourself from Kidney Transplantation?”, “Economic Dialysis Centre in Delhi | 2020”. if you will create some of your content then you will have something to present to your audience which will give information and guide them about the subject and doctor.

Provide Value to the Audience

Whether you have an audience or not ,one thing you should definitely do is create content for your audience or potential audience on how they can save themselves from this serious epidemic and the precautionary Measures , Symptoms , Treatment etc. they can take to save themselves and their loved ones.

Don’t try to sell anything or try to being salesy at this time. Just add value to the potential customers because this is the time they need you the most and need expert advice from as many sources as possible.

Market yourself on Instagram

11 + 15 =

Tell them Tricks

If you are a doctor then you should definitely have patients and you will have their data or they are connected to your Facebook page ,Instagram page or linkedIn Page.

Wherever they are connected right now you should deliver free tips for them so that they can stay at home and treat themselves without the need to come at clinic unnecessarily.

Share the videos to them on WhatsApp,Telegram, Instagram, Hike messenger etc.

For eg If you have Dialysis patients then you can tell them what to do if certain conditions arise and how they can treat themselves at home without coming to the clinic.

Or you can tell them what medicine to take if fever or stomach ache arises or if you are a child doctor then you can tell basic medicines to give to children in such conditions.

Marketing & Checking your Audience

“Necessity is the mother of Invention” – This virus will last long till the vaccine invented and approaches to the market. The best part about this time is people are using the Internet more than they were using earlier because of being isolated or quarantine. Now, we have one of the right time to present our content to them. Once things will get back to normal everything will be like as usual.


The content that you have produced can now be checked online in various verticals like- Social Media, Search Engines, Funnels etc. to let know which platform performs will while showing your content to your targeted audience.

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What Not to Do 🚫

These times are crucial and very sensitive and marketing your business and being salesy at these times can be very harmful for your business. So you need to be ultra-sensitive with your language as people can be feel used and offended and it can actually harm your business than doing good.

So here are a few things which you should keep in mind when doing marketing at this time

  • Don’t try to sell anything
  • Don’t use profane language
  • Don’t give false information
  • Don’t try to use people

Final Words

Leveraging and finding any opportunity in a hard time is the only thing that helps in making fortune. So don’t let this time go waste and make the best use out of it. We above discussed about the business things but we first request you to take care of your health first, eat healthily, stay immuned and do meditation for peace of mind and better execution in life. All the best <3

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